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    Complex Systems
    November 12-15, 2008
    Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center, Irvine, CA
    Roster of Steering Committee Members

    The Complex Systems Conference was held November 12 - 15, 2008.  
    "It always bothers me that, according to the laws as we understand them today, it takes a computing machine an infinite number of logical operations to figure out what goes on in no matter how tiny a region of space, and no matter how tiny a region of time.  How can all that be going on in that tiny space? Why should it take an infinite amount of logic to figure out what one tiny piece of space/time is going to do? So I have often made the hypothesis that ultimately physics will not require a mathematical statement, that in the end the machinery will be revealed, and the laws will turn out to be simple, like the checkerboard with all its apparent complexities."

    -Richard Feynman, The Character of Physical Law



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