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    Futures interdisciplinary research grants provide seed funding to Futures Conference research participants, on a competitive basis, to enable further pursuit of important new ideas and connections stimulated by the national conference, bringing people together in a variety of new ways and sparking new interdisciplinary research.  The grants provide researchers an opportunity to explore new research areas, learn new skills, and/or collaborate across disciplines, in cases where this would not otherwise be possible. These grants will help researchers move towards the interfaces between disciplines.

    On May 7, 2009, the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative announced the recipients of its 2008 Futures grants, each awarded to support interdisciplinary research on complex system such as ecosystems, financial markets, communication networks, and biology.  The 23 projects chosen represent a wide range of approaches to such research, which was the subject of the sixth annual Futures conference.  "We have selected many bold and innovative proposals and believe these collaborations will result in promising findings," said H. Eugene Stanley Ph.D., director, Center for Polymer Studies, Boston University, and the 2008 conference chair.


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    Shaping Embodied Neural Networks for Adaptive Goal-Directed Behavior -- featured in PLOS Computational Biology March 2008 -- was based in part on a 2006 NAKFI supported grant. 

    Nancy Monteiro-Riviere and Andrew Barron were awarded a Futures Nano grant in April 2005.   Read a recent article in the American Chemical Society's Nano Letters, Jan. 10, 2007.  Effects of Mechanical Flexion on the Penetration of Fullerene Amino Acid-Derivatized Peptide Nanoparticles through Skin   

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