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NAKFI Synthetic Biology Conference Attendee Publishes Paper -- Integrated Biology and Undergraduate Science Education: A New Biology Education for the Twenty-First Century? -- in CBE Life Sciences Education

Jay B. Labov
NAKFI conference attendee Jay B. Labov – senior advisor for education and communication, National Academy of Sciences – coauthored an article in the Spring, 2010, issue of CBE Life Sciences –Education on the recent thinking and efforts to restructure high school and undergraduate science education in the life sciences to make it more relevant and accessible to a broader spectrum of students. The article summarizes recommendations for research and education agendas as published in the NRC Report, “A New Biology for the 21st Century: Ensuring the United States Leads the Coming Biology Revolution.” It also references the
NAKFI Conference on Synthetic Biology and, specifically, the Interdisciplinary Team that “actively considered issues of education and communication about synthetic biology in conjunction with discussions of scientific, legal, and ethical aspects.” The NAKFI conference report that includes a summary of this team’s discussion will be published second quarter 2010.

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