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Healthspan Grantee Publishes Research on Biological Factors that Control Healthspan and Lifespan

Healthspan grantee Richard Miller published a review paper in Ageing Research Reviews “Comparative cellular biogerontology: Primer and Prostpectus” (e-published ahead of print January 28, 2010) that focuses on the biological factors that control lifespan and healthspan by comparing tissues from multiple species of animals. This review is significant because most prior work on the biological basis of aging has focused on describing differences between young and old individuals but provided only limited insight into the mechanisms controlling the rate of aging.

NAKFI awarded Miller a $75,000 grant in April 2008 to conduct meetings with pathologists, comparative physiologists, methodologists, statisticians, and experts in the biology of aging to develop a plan to test hypotheses about the molecular pathways that postpone diseases and loss of health in specific varieties of bats, birds, rodents, primates, and other clades. The group’s premise is that comparative biogerontology holds untapped potential to pose and test critical molecular questions about how nature controls lifespan and healthspan.