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NAKFI Alum Elected to Two Fellows of the American Chemical Society

NAKFI Imaging Science and Nanotechnology participant Professor Rigoberto Advincula or “Gobet” has recently been elected as PMSE Fellow 2011 and Polymer Fellow 2011 of the American Chemical Society (ACS) for seminal contributions to the field of nanostructured thin film materials utilizing novel synthetic and analytical methods. He was inducted last year as ACS Fellow 2010.

In addition to Advincula’s honors with the American Chemical Society, he was recently made editor of the Reactive and Functional Polymers Journal by Elsevier. The journal publishes papers dealing with new ideas and developments in the science and technology of polymers with functional groups that provide specific chemical reactivity or physico-chemical behaviour. The scope covers organic and inorganic functional polymers, acting as reagents, catalysts, carriers of protecting groups, templates, ion-exchangers, selective sorbents, chelating agents, supports for enzymes and cells, and the like. It also includes reactive cross-linkable prepolymers, degradable or bioactive polymers, polymer resists, conducting polymers, and film-forming polymers. Contributions have to present thorough molecular and material characterisation data, and may deal with the synthesis of the above polymers or with their applications in organic synthesis, catalysis, water or effluent treatment, separations, recovery, lithography, microelectronics, information storage, energy conversion, diagnostics, drug delivery, coating and encapsulation, and adhesion.