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NAKFI Synthetic Biology Steering Committee Chair Receives the Richard Lounsbery Award

The National Academy of Sciences recently honored thirteen individuals with awards recognizing extraordinary scientific achievements in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics, economics and psychology. Bonnie L. Bassler, 2009 NAKFI Steering Committee on Synthetic Biology Chair, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, and Squibb Professor in the department of molecular biology at Princeton University received the Richard Lounsbery Award.

Bassler was honored for her pioneering discoveries of the universal use of chemical communication among bacteria and the elucidation of structural and regulatory mechanisms controlling bacterial assemblies.  This $50,000 prize recognizes extraordinary scientific achievement by French and American Scientists in biology and medicine. 

Additional information about the award is available online.  Additional information about Bonnie Bassler is located at: http://www.molbio.princeton.edu/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=27.