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Reporting Requirements

The National Academies Keck Futures initiative seeks to keep reporting requirements to a minimum. A link to an online reporting form will be emailed to all grantees upon completion of the grand period, and must be completed within 60 days.  Grantees will be asked to self-assess their project on a variety of dimensions including scientific originality, interdisciplinary scope, integrative quality, conceptual links to the NAKFI conference topics, and the likely scientific impacts of products produced by the project.  The form will also ask grantees for the following:

• A description of how the grant enabled the grantee to initiate research in new areas that would not have been pursued if not for the Futures Grant;
• A description of how the research generated new scientific collaborations outside the grantee’s field;
• A description of the effects of the research on generating new collaborations with community practitioners and/or policy makers;
• A description of how conducting the research has changed the grantee’s conception and methodological approach to his/her research;
• A list of publications supported (in part or in whole) by the grant;
• A list of conference presentations supported (in part or in whole) by the grant;
• A list of doctoral/masters theses supported (in part or in whole) by the grant; and
• A list of grant proposals generated (in part or in whole) by the grant, including a status on whether they are funded, not funded, or under review.

Upon expiration of the grant, a final report of expenditures (up to one page), with the refund of any unexpended balance, must also be submitted within 60 days.  The financial report can be uploaded using the online reporting form or sent to NAKFI separately as an email attachment.

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