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Imaging Science Webcast Tutorials
Principles of Adaptive Optics

Richard G. Paxman
Chief Scientist and Founder
Diversity Imaging Department
General Dynamics -- Advanced Information Systems
Dr. Richard G. Paxman is a Chief Scientist and founder of the Diversity Imaging Technology Office, which is part of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems. His research interests include such topics as imaging through turbulent and turbid media, wavefront sensing, joint estimation of object and sensor parameters, the retrieval of phase information from intensity measurements (phase retrieval), emission and transmission tomography, coded-aperture design, superresolution (beyond the diffraction limit), exploitation of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data, lensless three-dimensional imaging with active laser illumination, estimation-theoretic image restoration, algorithm development, and unconventional imaging modalities.

VIEW Webcast Tutorial
Dr. Paxman's tutorial focuses on the principles of adaptive optics. Suggested reading reference(s) are provided below.

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Suggested Reading
Popular description of adaptive optics
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Technical treatment of adaptive optics
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Objective assessment of image quality for adaptive optics
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