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The Future of Advanced Nuclear Technologies
Interdisciplinary Research Team Challenges

The NAKFI conference emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach.  You will spend a large portion of the conference in your Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) Teams developing a plan to solve the challenge posed to the team, or to a reframed challenge identified by the team.  At a midpoint and at the conclusion of the conference, each team will provide a short report to all attendees to share the group’s progress.
The composition of each group will be intentionally diverse to encourage different types of contributions and the generation of new ideas and approaches.  The goals of the IDR Teams are to:
·        Forge new scientific contacts to counterbalance specialization and isolation.
·        Support communication beyond the barriers of language, culture, habits, and institutions.
·        Spur new thinking and encourage attendees to ask new questions.
IDR Team Challenge Summaries
Below are links to the seven IDR Team Challenges that will be examined during the conference. After reading the challenges conference participants were asked to submit their top three preferences on the IDR Team Challenge Preferences Form by August 23, 2013. Please click here to sign into the Futures Network and see your IDR Team Challenge assignment.
Interdisciplinary Research Challenge 1: Identify improvements in technology and other approaches that will ensure the future development and supply of radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic imaging and therapy.
Interdisciplinary Research Challenge 2: Develop a transformational fuel for Light Water Reactors – advanced and current.
Interdisciplinary Research Challenge 3: Develop innovative approaches to make special nuclear materials (SNMs) more easily monitored and more detectable if stolen.
Interdisciplinary Research Challenge 4: Design and fund a 3-year public/private initiative to better understand and bridge the perception/reality gap between the public and nuclear experts on the risks of the nuclear enterprise and to restore the public trust.
Interdisciplinary Research Challenge 5: Define the means to promote U.S. interests in the international nuclear power field in an era of diminishing U.S. and Western European influence.
Interdisciplinary Research Challenge 6: How might the widespread use of civilian nuclear power and associated fuel cycle facilities be made compatible with a world free of (or with a small number of) nuclear weapons?
Interdisciplinary Research Challenge 7: Identify a new and practical application of nuclear phenomena for the benefit of humankind.
Have an idea for a challenge but don’t see it here? You will have an opportunity to pitch your ideas on Day 2 of the conference and time to work on them with interested parties on Saturday evening and the last day, so begin working on your pitch now!
For more information on how the IDR Teams will work during the conference please click here.