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National Academies     Communication Awards
2008 Winners and Finalists

Walter Isaacson for Einstein: His Life and Universe (Simon & Schuster), a comprehensive and scholarly ambitious look at the life and mind of the pre-eminent scientific figure of the 20th century.

Bob Marshall, Mark Schleifstein, Dan Swenson, and Ted Jackson for Last Chance: The Fight to Save a Disappearing Coast (The Times-Picayune, New Orleans), an outstanding newspaper series that combines superb storytelling with the latest science in its call to action to save Louisiana's wetlands.

George Butler (director), White Mountain Films, Kennedy-Marshall Films and Walt Disney Company for Roving Mars, a spectacular film that chronicles the science and engineering behind the Mars rovers and follows their breathtaking search for water on the red planet.  Roving Mars is made with the cooperation of The Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA.  It is presented as a public service by Lockheed Martin.

Joseph McMaster (writer, producer and director), Gary Johnstone (producer, director), Richard Hutton (executive producer), and Paula Apsell (senior executive producer) for WGBH/NOVA and Vulcan Productions' "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial."

Alan Boyle, MSNBC.com science editor, for selected works from Cosmic Log and his pioneering efforts to bring daily coverage of the physical sciences, technological innovation and space sciences to broad new audiences on a popular news web site.

Vikki Valentine, Alison Richards, and David Malakoff for National Public Radio's Climate Connections (www.npr.org/climateconnections).